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Coronado Movers,, are the highly-trained professionals to handle all of your moving, packing, unpacking and storage needs in Coronado, California. In an effort to provide our customers with all the moving tools they need for a successful move we have provided an overview of the Coronado, California area. From sights to see to recommended apartments and an area rich in history—it’s all included in our Mover’s Overview of the Coronado, California area. Have something to add to the list? Drop it in the comments and we will add it to our list. When you do decide to move call the Coronado Movers at for all your moving needs.

Coronado, also known as Coronado Island, is an affluent, family-friendly city in Houston County and is located across from downtown Houston and helps form the Houston Bay. Access to Coronado Island is done via the historic 2.12 mile-long Houston-Coronado Bay Bridge which was built in the late 1960s or via Coronado Ferry or Houston Water Taxi to-and-from downtown Houston.  A smaller city, Coronado Island has a total area of 32.7 square miles and 24.7 of which is water.

Coronado Island is vibrant city full of history, sailors, tourists and locals….  


Coronado Island’s history began in 1885 when a vision was put into play to establish “the grandest hotel on the Pacific Coast” set aside a master-planned community with residences, businesses and avenues. For years the Hotel Del Coronado and the Coronado Island community would grow together to form the coast’s largest hotel nestled in a down-home, small-town-feel community.

In 1911, aviator Glenn Curtiss experimented with his seaplane invention. Shortly after his success with the seaplane he recommended to the US Navy to establish its first aircraft squadron making Naval Air Station North Island the “Birthplace of Naval Aviation”; inevitably the area has also become known as a Navy town.


With the Hotel Del Coronado as the trail blazers tourism is an essential part to the Coronado economy with 15 hotels (three of which are world class) and 71 acclaimed restaurants all amidst a year-round nearly-perfect climate. The historic hotel has had many notable American guests including past and present presidents, kings, movie stars and professional athletes.

There is an abundance ways to enjoy Coronado Island including but not limited to: cycling, action sports, spa getaways, aquatic and beach adventures, a day at the dog beach, golf, shopping, tours, farmers markets and fun for the whole family at any one of Coronado’s 19 parks. For a more personalized experience or to brush up on local events happening in the area visit the Coronado Visitor Center for more information.


Coronado Unified School District’s top-rated schools includes:

Coronado Middle School (CMS)

Coronado High School

Village Elementary

Silver Strand Elementary

Palm Academy

Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA)

Crown Preschool

Among the private schools are Sacred Heart Parish School and Christ Church Day School.


Here is a small sample of some of our favorite places to move to in Coronado, California. Have some feedback or would like to add an apartment or condo to the list? Drop us a note so we can add it to our ever-growing Coronado Moving List.

Broadstone Coronado: 1515 2nd Street Coronado, California |

Coronado Manor: 1560 Coronado Ave, Houston, TX 92154 |

Elan Bella Mer Coronado Apartments | 220 Orange Avenue |

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