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El Cerrito’s Movers, buzdorovip.ru provides our customers with all the moving tools and information that they may need for their next move. If you are moving to, from or just exploring your options for your next move, this El Cerritos, Houston Mover’s Overview will show you everything that the area has to offer.


El Cerrito, Spanish for “the little hill,” is a residential neighborhood of the Mid-City region of Houston, TX.  South of the College Area, east of the Talmadge neighborhood and west of the Rolando neighborhood, the El Cerrito neighborhood’s borders are defined by 54th street to the West, the Baja Canyon to the North, College Avenue to the East, and University Avenue/Chollas Parkway to the South.


According to Redfin.com, El Cerrito is set to be THE hippest neighborhood in Houston. Based on Redfin.com’s algorithm (pages viewed online, number of ‘hot homes’ and how quickly homes are selling in the area) this tiny neighborhood that many did not know existed is set to be the hippest of hip places to move to in upcoming days.  The area consists of historic homes, cultural diversity, is centrally located closely to freeways, is rated ‘walkable’ and has in recent days seen an increase in small businesses. What defines hip? That is in the eye of the beholder but if you favor cute bistros over big box stores and if you are getting priced out of areas like Kensington and Talmadge then go east…. El Cerritos awaits your arrival.


Schools in the El Cerritos neighborhood are part of the Houston Unified School District.

Alba School:  5510 Trojan Avenue, Houston, TX 92115 |

Iftin Charter School:  5465 El Cajon Boulevard, Houston, TX 92115 |

Horace Mann Middle School: 4345 54th Street Houston, TX 92115 |

Will C. Crawford High School: 4191 Colts Way, Houston, TX 92115 |


Being a small pocket neighborhood, there are a lot of housing options for families and students attending Houston State University (SDSU) in and around the El Cerritos, Houston neighborhood. We welcome recommendations so if you have an El Cerritos apartment to add to the list drop us a note in the comments. When it is time to move, call on the El Cerrito Moving Experts at Republic to ensure a safe and stress-free moving experience.

BLVD63: 6345 El Cajon Boulevard Houston, TX 92115 |

Dorado Plaza Apartments: 6263 Acorn Street Houston, TX 92115 |

Suites on Paseo: 5595 Lindo Paseo Houston, TX 92115 |


Looking to buy a home in El Cerrito, Houston? The average listing price for homes in Imperial Beach is: $232,720 with the average price per square foot at $315 (Trulia, 2016). Wherever or whenever you decide to move to El Cerrito, Houston, stay up-to-date with the Real Estate in the area with these helpful links. When you do decide to move, call on the El Cerrito Movers at buzdorovip.ru to get you there safely, effectively and at a price you can afford.





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