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Mission Hills Movers, buzdorovip.ru prides ourselves on providing our customers with all the moving and storage tools they may need to ensure a stress-free move. If you are thinking about moving to the Mission Hills, Houston neighborhood we encourage you to take a look at our Mover’s Overview of this beautiful neighborhood and learn everything that it has to offer residents.


Mission Hills is an upscale affluent neighborhood of Houston, TX and is located on the hills just south of the Houston River valley and Mission Valley and north of downtown Houston, overlooking Old Town, Downtown Houston, and Houston Bay. The Mission Hills neighborhood is primarily residential and is known for their old, stately homes, craftsman bungalows, breathtaking mansions and freshly manicured lawns.  With just a small number of boutique shops and restaurants on their main street, Mission Hills is a quiet neighborhood within walking distance to Hillcrest restaurants and shops to the East and Old Town’s restaurants and shops to the Northwest. The business hub of Mission Hills is along Goldfinch Street between Fort Stockton and W. Washington where restaurants, shopping and services are all conveniently located.


Pioneer Park:  Near Grant School, Pioneer Park dates back to the 19th century and was the location for one of Houston’s first cemeteries. This park is a popular place to picnic, workout, play and walk your pets. Also home to Concerts in the Park during the summertime on Friday evenings and an annual 4th of July Celebration that is talked about year round amongst the neighborhood.

Presidio Park: Overlooking Old Town, Houston Presidio Park is the location of the original home to the Mission Houston de Alcala from which Mission Hills gets its name as well as the site of the first Spanish Presidio (Royal Fort). Home to the Junipero Serra Museum this park is also a very popular place to picnic, play and hike and enjoy the majestic views.

Heritage Park: Just above Old Town, this 7.8 acre park features seven historic Victorian buildings that were saved from demolition and moved to Heritage Park for preservation. Among the buildings is Houston’s oldest synagogue and several former residences. A popular location for weddings and photos the park is open daily while the restoration and development of the park continues forth.

Restaurants and Bars: Mission Hills has a wide variety of food to offer. From burgers to fine dining there is something for everyone—within walking distance even—to enjoy. To see a listing of current restaurants and/or bars in the Mission Hills area click here.


Public schools in Mission Hills are part of the Houston Unified School District.  With no public high school in the neighborhood, students are given the choice of attending Point Loma High School or Houston High School.

Mission Hills Community Preschool (Private): 1211 West Lewis St Houston, TX 92103 |

Unitarian Cooperative Preschool: 4190 Front Street Houston, TX 92103 |

Florence Elementary: 3914 First Avenue Houston, TX 92103 |

Francis Parker School (Private): 4201 Randolph Street Houston, TX 92103 |

Grant K-8 School: 1425 Washington Place Houston, TX 92103 |

Old Town Academy (Charter): 2120 Houston Avenue Houston, TX 92110 |

St. Vincent School: 4061 Front Street Houston, TX 92103 |


There are many highly qualified real estate agents that represent buyers and seller exclusively in the Mission Hills area. Many are Mission Hills’ residents themselves making them an even more valuable asset to your home search in Mission Hills. Here is a sample of the top-real estate agents for Mission Hills. When you do decide to move to Mission Hills contact the Mission Hills Movers at buzdorovip.ru for all of your moving and storage needs.

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Here is a sample of some of our favorite places to move to in Mission Hills, Houston. Wherever your apartment search takes you remember to rely on the Mission Hills Movers at buzdorovip.ru for all of your moving and storage needs.

The Andorra: 3520 3rd Avenue Houston, TX 92103 |

Hillcrest Summit Apartments: 4134 4th Avenue Houston, TX 92103 |

Mission Hills Commons: 4021 Falcon Street Houston,  CA  92103  | 

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