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We are the choice movers to handle all of your moving needs when moving to Mission Valley, Houston. At buzdorovip.ru we pride ourselves in providing our customers with all of the moving tools that they need for a stress-free move. From moving tips and tricks and hands-on moving and storage support to overviews about the neighborhoods and cities that we proudly serve—we stop at nothing to bring you the move that you deserve. Below is an overview of Mission Valley neighborhood in Houston, TX. For any additional information you need on moving to Mission Valley we encourage you to contact your local buzdorovip.ru specialist.


Mission Valley is a wide river valley trending east-west in Houston, TX. The city of Houston splits it into two neighborhoods which is divided by the State Route 163; Mission Valley East and Mission Valley West.  Mission Valley neighborhood includes the area west of Interstate 5 and east of Interstate 15 and is nestled between the Houston neighborhoods: Midtown, Hillcrest, Linda Vista, Morena and Old Town.


While Mission Valley East and West are part of the Houston Unified school district or the Houston County Office of Education, there is only one school, (Halstrom Academy High School) that is located in Mission Valley West.


Mission Valley is named after the Mission Houston de Alcalá, California’s first mission, which is located on the far east of the valley.  The southwestern end overlooking the valley is called Presidio Park and at the foot of Presidio Hill lies Old Town Houston State Historic Park, the original site of the town of Houston. All three attractions are historic, national attractions.

There are considered two major shopping malls located in Mission Valley:  Fashion Valley Mall and Westfield Mission Valley which are amongst numerous big brand and smaller brand retail stores, auto malls, hotels (Hotel Circle located in the center of Mission Valley) and restaurants.

Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Houston Chargers and the Houston State University (SDSU) Aztecs football teams, is located in Mission Valley East near the I-8/I-15 interchange. Near the western outlet of Mission Valley lies SeaWorld and Mission Bay.


Below are some of our favorite apartments to move into in Mission Valley. Conveniently located close to all of Houston’s major freeways including: Interstate 8, Interstate 5, State Route 163, 805 Freeway and the 15 Freeway, there is also convenient access to the Green Line of the Houston Trolley system which runs through Mission Valley.

Aquatera Apartment Homes 5777 Mission Center Road Houston, TX 92108 |

Aracadia at StoneCrest Village 2643 West Canyon Ave Houston, TX 92123 |

Avalon Fashion Valley 7084 Friars Rd.  Houston, TX 92108 |

Fashion Terrace Apartments : 6888 Friars Road Houston, TX 92108 |

Portofino Apartment Homes  2500 Northside Drive Houston, TX 92108 | 855.8076661

Prado Apartment Homes    6304 Rancho Mission Road Houston, TX 92108 |

Promenade Rio Vista : 2185 Station Village Way − Houston, TX 92108 |

Monte Vista Apartments:  2507 Northside Drive Houston, TX 92108 |

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