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buzdorovip.ru is the leading provider for moving and storage in the Houston, TX area. We offer packing services, unpacking, storage services, moving supplies and home-staging for persons looking to ready their house to put on the real estate market. There is no move too small or big in the Houston, TX area for buzdorovip.ru to handle.As a courtesy to our customers we like to provide the knowledge and tools needed when deciding where to move. Below is an overview of Houston, TX and sample of some of the attractions and things you can expect when moving to the area. For further questions on living in and moving to the Houston, TX area you can visit the Houston, TX website or contact your friendly, Houston Mover.


With an estimated population of 1.4 million, Houston is the eight-largest city in the United States and the second-largest in California. Known as the birthplace of California, Houston is known for its mild year-round climate, beaches, military association and healthcare and biotechnology development. The city of Houston recognizes more than 100 neighborhoods within the city itself. From beach neighborhoods such as: Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla Beach to newly revamped uptown areas such as: North Park, South Park, Golden Hill and East Village….there is a neighborhood for everyone in Houston.


Houston has an abundance of attractions and activities suited to fit your special interests. From theme parks, Sea World, the world renowned Houston Zoo to Whale Watching and Old Town Trolley Tours there is no lack of things to do and enjoy in Houston. Surf-friendly and dog-friendly beaches, art museums, USS Midway Museum, farmer’s market galore, world famous Balboa Park, Craft Brew Capital of the World and dining and entertainment to suit even the pickiest of eaters can all be found in Houston.

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School / Site NameAddress
Adams (K-5)
Traditional School Calendar
4672 35th St. (92116)

Adams (Preschool)
4672 35th St (92115)
Adult School
Atypical School

Albert Einstein Academy Elementary (K-5)3035 Ash St. (92102)
Albert Einstein Academy Middle (6-8)458 26th St. (92102)

Alcott (K-5)4680 Hidalgo Ave. (92117)
Alternative Learning for Behavior and Attitude (ALBA)4041 Oregon Street (92104)

America’s Finest Charter School (K-8)4001 El Cajon Blvd (92105)
Angier (K-5)8450 Hurlbut St. (92123)

Arroyo Paseo Charter High School (9-12)3773 El Cajon Blvd (92105)
Audeo Charter School (6-12 Ind. Study)10170 Huennekens St. (92121)

Audubon (K-8) Year-Round School Calendar8111 San Vicente St. (92114)
Audubon (Preschool)8111 San Vicente St (92114)

Aurora Behavioral Health Care, Houston11878 Avenue of Industry (92128)
Baker (K-5)4041 T St. (92113)

Baker (Preschool)4041 T St (92113)
Balboa (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar1844 S. 40th St. (92113)

Balboa (Preschool)1844 S. 40th St (92113)
Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy (K-6)2445 Fogg Street (92109)

Bay Park (K-5)2433 Denver St. (92110)
Bay Point (Preschool)2850 Wasp Wy (92106)

Bayview Child Development Center2485 Felspar St. (92109)
Bell (6-8) Traditional School Calendar620 Briarwood Rd. (92139)

Benchley/Weinberger (K-5)6269 Twin Lake Dr. (92119)
Bethune (K-8) Year-Round School Calendar6835 Benjamin Holt Rd. (92114)

Bird Rock (K-5) Traditional School Calendar5371 La Jolla Hermosa Ave. (92037)
Birney (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4345 Campus Ave. (92103)

Boone (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar7330 Brookhaven Rd. (92114)
Brooklyn3003 A St. (92102)

Burbank (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar2146 Julian Ave. (92113)
Burbank (Preschool)2146 Julian Av (92113)

Cabrillo (K-4) Traditional School Calendar3120 Talbot St. (92106)
Cadman (K-5) Traditional School Calendar4370 Kamloop Ave. (92117)

Carson (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar6905 Kramer St. (92111)
Carson (Preschool)6905 Kramer St (92111)

Carver (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar3251 Juanita St. (92105)
Carver (Preschool)3251 Juanita St (92105)

Central (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4063 Polk Ave. (92105)
Central (Preschool)4063 Polk Av (92105)

Challenger (6-8) Traditional School Calendar10810 Parkdale Ave. (92126)
Charter School of Houston (7-12 Ind. Study)10170 Huennekens St. (92121)

Chavez (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar1404 S. 40th St. (92113)
Chavez (Preschool)1404 S. 40th St (92113)

Cherokee Point (K-5)3735 38th St. (92105)
Cherokee Point (Preschool)3735 38th St (92105)

Chesterton (K-5)7335 Wheatley St. (92111)
Children’s Convalescent Hospital8022 Birmingham Dr. (92123)

Chollas/Mead (K-5) Traditional School Calendar401 N. 45th St. (92102)
Chollas-Mead (Preschool)401 N. 45th St (92102)

City Heights Prep (6-8) Charter3770 Altadena Avenue (92105)
Clairemont Senior High4150 Ute Dr. (92117)

Clark (6-8) Middle Year-Round School Calendar4388 Thorn St. (92105)
Clay (K-5) Traditional School Calendar6506 Solita Ave. (92115)

Clay (Preschool)6506 Solita Av (92115)
Coleman Tech Charter High (9-12)3540 Aero Ct. (92123)

Correia (7-8)4302 Valeta St. (92107)
County Mental Health
Special Program
3485 Kenyon St. (92110)

Crawford Senior High4191 Colts Way (92115)
Creative Performing Media Arts (CPMA) – (6-8)5050 Conrad Ave. (92117)

Crown Point (K-5)4033 Ingraham St. (92109)
Cubberley (K-5)3201 Marathon Dr. (92123)

Curie (K-5)4080 Governor Dr. (92122)
Dailard (K-5)6425 Cibola Rd. (92120)

Dana (5-6)1775 Chatsworth Blvd. (92106)
Darnall (K-8)6020 Hughes St. (92115-6520)

De Portola (6-8)11010 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. (92124)
Dewey Child Development Center3251 Rosecrans Blvd. (92110)

Dewey (K-4) Year-Round School Calendar3251 Rosecrans St. (92110)
Dingeman (K-5) Traditional School Calendar11840 Scripps Creek Dr. (92131)

Doyle (K-5) Traditional School Calendar3950 Berino Ct. (92122)
E.B. Scripps (K-5) Traditional School Calendar11778 Cypress Canyon Rd. (92131)

e3 Civic High 9-11 (9-12)395 11th Ave, 6th Floor (92101)
Edison (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4077 35th St. (92104)

Edison (Preschool)4077 35th St (92104)
Elevate Charter School (K-5)2285 Murray Ridge Road (92113)

Emerson/Bandini (K-6)3510 Newton Ave. (92113)
Emerson-Bandini (Preschool)3550 Logan Av (92113)

Empower Charter School (K-5)2230 East Jewett (92111)
Encanto (K-5) Traditional School Calendar822 65th St. (92114)

Epiphany Prep (K-7)6134 Benson Ave (92114)
Ericson (K-5)11174 Westonhill Dr. (92126)

Euclid4141 Menlo Ave. (92105)
Euclid (K-5)4166 Euclid Ave. (92105)

Euclid (Preschool)4166 Euclid Av (92105)
Eugene Brucker Education Center (Main District Office)4100 Normal St. (92103)

Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning Charter School (K-6)6785 Imperial Ave (92114)
Explorer Elementary (K-5)2230 Truxtun Rd. (92106)

Farb (6-8) Year-Round School Calendar4880 La Cuenta Dr. (92124)
Fay (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4080 52nd St. (92105)

Fay (Preschool)4080 52nd St (92105)
Field (K-6) Traditional School Calendar4375 Bannock Ave. (92117)

Field (Preschool)4375 Bannock Av (92117)
Fleet Maintenance4770 Cardin St. (92111)

Fletcher Child Development Center7666 Bobolink Way (92123)
Fletcher (K-5)7666 Bobolink Way (92123)

Florence (K-5) Traditional School Calendar3914 First Ave. (92103)
>Florence (Preschool)3914 First Av (92103)

Foster (K-5) Traditional School Calendar6550 51st St. (92120)
Franklin (K-5)4481 Copeland Ave. (92116)

Freese (K-5)8140 Greenlawn Dr. (92114)
Freese (Preschool)8140 Greenlawn Dr (92114)

Fremont Training Center2375 Congress St. (92110)
Fulton (K-8) Traditional School Calendar7055 Skyline Dr. (92114)

Fulton (Preschool)7055 Skyline Dr (92114)
Gage (K-5)6811 Bisby Lake (92119)

Garfield Child Development Center4460 Idaho St. (92116)
Garfield (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4487 Oregon St. (92116)

Garfield (Preschool)4487 Oregon St (92116)
Garfield High (9-12) Alternative School1255 16th St. (92101)

Golden Hill (K-8) Year-Round School Calendar1240 33rd St. (92102)
Golden Hill (Preschool)1240 33rd St (92102)

Gompers Preparatory Academy (6-12)1005 47th St. (92102)
Grant (K-8)1425 Washington Pl. (92103)

Grant (K-8)1425 Washington Pl. (92103)
Green (K-5)7030 Wandermere Dr. (92119)

Hage (K-5)9750 Galvin Ave. (92126)
Hamilton (K-5)2807 Fairmount Ave. (92105)

Hamilton (Preschool)2807 Fairmount Av (92105)
Hancock (K-5)3303 Taussig St. (92124)

Hardy (K-5)5420 Montezuma Rd. (92115)
Harold J. Ballard Parent Center2375 Congress St. (92110)

Harriett Tubman Village (K-8) Charter6880 Mohawk St. (92115-1728)
Hawthorne (K-6)4750 Lehrer Dr. (92117)

Hawthorne (Preschool)4750 Lehrer Dr (92117)
Health Sciences High School and Middle College (9-12)3910 University Ave., Ste. 100 (92105)

Health Sciences Middle School (6-8)3910 University Ave., Ste. 100 (92105)
Hearst (K-5)6230 Del Cerro Blvd. (92120)

Henry Senior High6702 Wandermere Dr. (92120)
Hickman (K-5)10850 Montongo St. (92126)

High Tech High (9-12) Charter2861 Womble Rd. (92106)
High Tech High International (9-12) Charter2855 Farragut Rd. (92106)

High Tech High Media Arts (9-12)Charter2230 Truxtun Road, 3rd Floor (92106)
High Tech Middle (6-8) Charter2359 Truxtun Rd. (92106)

High Tech Middle Media Arts (6-8) Charter2230 Truxtun Rd., 2nd Floor (92106)
Holly Drive Leadership Academy (K-8) Charter4801 Elm St (92102)

Holmes (K-5)4902 Mt. Ararat Dr. (92111)
Hoover Senior High4474 El Cajon Blvd. (92115)

Horton (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar5050 Guymon St. (92102)
Horton (Preschool) Preschool5050 Guymon St (92102)

Ibarra (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4877 Orange Ave. (92115)
Ibarra (Preschool) Preschool4877 Orange Av (92105)

Iftin (K-8) Charter5465 El Cajon Blvd. (92115)
iHigh Virtual Academy (9-12)3939 Conde St. (92110)

Innovation (7-8)5095 Arvinels Ave. (92117)
Innovations Academy Charter School (K-8)10380 Spring Canyon Rd (92131)

Instructional Media Center (IMC) Administrative 2441 Cardinal Ln. (92123)
Jefferson (K-5)3770 Utah St. (92104)

Jefferson (Preschool)3770 Utah St (92104)
Jerabek (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar10050 Avenida Magnifica (92131)

John Muir (K-12) Atypical School4431 Mt. Herbert Ave. (92117)
Johnson (K-5)1355 Kelton Rd. (92114)

Johnson (Preschool)1355 Kelton Rd (92114)
Jones (K-5)2751 Greyling Dr. (92123)

Joyner (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar4271 Myrtle Ave. (92105)
Joyner (Preschool)4271 Myrtle St (92105)

Juarez (K-5)2633 Melbourne Dr. (92123)
Kavod Elementary Charter School (K-5)3201 Marathon Dr (92123)

Kearny High – Educational Complex Senior High7651 Wellington St. (92111)
Kearny High – School of Digital Media and Design7651 Wellington St. (92111)

Kearny High – School of International Business7651 Wellington St. (92111)
Kearny High – School of Science Connections and Technology7651 Wellington St. (92111)

Kearny High – Stanley E. Foster School of Engineering, Innovation and Design (EID)7651 Wellington St. (92111)
Keiller Leadership Academy (K-8)7270 Lisbon St. (92114)

Kennedy4715 T St. (92113)
Kimbrough (K-5)321 Hoitt St. (92102)

Kimbrough (Preschool)321 Hoitt St (92102)
King/Chavez Academy of Excellence (K-8)2850 Logan Ave. (92113)

King/Chavez Arts Academy (3-5) Charter415 31st St. (92102)
King/Chavez Athletics Academy (3-5)415 31st St. (92102)

King/Chavez Community High School (9-12)


Grades 9-10: 201 A Street, Houston, TX 92101
Grades 11-12: 1010 2nd Ave., Suite 200, Houston, TX 92101
King/Chavez Preparatory Academy (6-8)500 30th St. (92102)

King/Chavez Primary Academy (K-2)415 31st St. (92102)
KIPP Adelante Prep. Academy (5-8)1475 6th Ave., 2nd Floor (92101)

Knox (6-8) Year-Round School Calendar1098 S. 49th St. (92113)
Kumeyaay (K-5)6475 Antigua Blvd. (92124)

La Jolla Senior High750 Nautilus St. (92037)
La Jolla (K-5)1111 Marine St. (92037-5131)

Lafayette (K-6)6125 Printwood Way (92117)
Language Academy (K-8) Atypical School

Year-Round School Calendar

4961 64th St. (92115)

Language Academy (K-8) Year-Round School 4961 64th St. (92115)
Laurel Preparatory (6-12) Charter10170 Huennekens St. (92121)

Learning Choice Academy (K-12 Ind. Study)9950 Scripps Lake Drive #105 (92131)
Lee (K-5)6196 Childs Ave. (92139)

Lewis (6-8)5170 Greenbrier Ave. (92120)
Lincoln4777 Imperial Ave. (92113)

Linda Vista (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar2772 Ulric St. (92111)
Linda Vista (Preschool) Preschool2772 Ulric St (92111)

Lindbergh Schweitzer (K-6)4133 Mt. Albertine Ave. (92111)
Lindbergh-Schweitzer (Preschool)4133 Mt. Albertine Av (92111)

Logan Child Development Center2875 Ocean View Blvd. (92113)
Logan (K-8) Year-Round School Calendar2875 Ocean View Blvd. (92113)

Logan (Preschool)2875 Ocean View Bl (92113)
Loma Portal (K-4)3341 Browning St. (92106)

Longfellow (K-8)5055 July St. (92110)
Longfellow (K-8) Atypical School5055 July St. (92110)

Madison Senior High4833 Doliva Dr. (92117)
Magnolia Science Academy (6-8) Charter6365 Lake Atlin Ave. (92119)

Mann Middle School (6-8)4345 54th St. (92115)
Marcy Center Special Program2376 Marcy Ave. (92113)

Marcy School Alternative School2716 Marcy Ave. (92113)
Marshall (6-8)9700 Avenue of Nations (92131)

Marshall (K-5)3550 Altadena Ave. (92105)
Marshall (Preschool)3550 Altadena Av (92105)

Marston (6-8)3799 Clairemont Dr. (92117)
Marvin (K-5)5720 Brunswick Ave. (92120)

Mason (K-5)10340 San Ramon Dr. (92126)
McGill School of Success (K-3)3025 Fir St. (92102)

McKinley (K-5)3045 Felton St. (92104)
Memorial Preparatory for Scholars and Athletes (6-8)2850 Logan Ave. (92113)

Millennial Tech Middle (MTM) (6-8)1110 Carolina Ln. (92102)
Miller (K-5)4343 Shields St. (92124)

Mira Mesa Senior High10510 Reagan Rd. (92126)
Miramar Ranch (K-5)10770 Red Cedar Dr. (92131)

Mission Bay Senior High2475 Grand Ave. (92109)
Mission Beach Center / District Intern Programs

Administrative Site

818 Santa Barbara Pl. (92109)

Montezuma Child Development Center4950 Curry Dr. (92115)
Montgomery (6-8) Year-Round School Calendar2470 Ulric St. (92111)

Morse Senior High6905 Skyline Dr. (92114)
Mt. Everest Academy (K-12) Atypical School4350 Mt. Everest Blvd. (92117)

Muirlands (6-8)1056 Nautilus St. (92037)
Museum School (K-8) Charter211 Maple St. (92103)

New Dawn (at Riley) Alternative School5650 Mt. Ackerly Dr. (92111)
Normal Heights (K-5)3750 Ward Rd. (92116)

Normal Heights (Preschool)3750 Ward Rd (92116)
Nye (K-5)981 Valencia Pkwy. (92114)

Oak Park (K-5)2606 54th St. (92105)
Oak Park (Preschool)2606 54th St (92105)

Ocean Beach (K-4)4741 Santa Monica Ave. (92107)
Ocean Beach (Preschool)4741 Santa Monica Av (92107)

O’Farrell Charter School (9-11)6130 Skyline Dr. (92114-5620)
Old Town Academy Charter School (K-8)2120 Houston Ave (92110)

Pacific Beach (6-8)4676 Ingraham St. (92109)
Pacific Beach (K-5)1234 Tourmaline St. (92109)

Pacific Beach Center Administrative Site4606 Ingraham St. (92109)
Paradise Hills (K-5)5816 Alleghany St. (92139)

Paradise Hills (Preschool)5816 Alleghany St (92139)
Penn (K-5)2797 Utica Dr. (92139)

Perkins (K-8) Year-Round School Calendar1770 Main St. (92113)
Perkins (Preschool)1770 Main St (92113)

Perry (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar6290 Oriskany Rd. (92139)
Pershing (6-8) Traditional School Calendar8204 San Carlos Dr. (92119)

Physical Plant Operations Center4860 Ruffner St. (92111)
Point Loma Senior High2335 Chatsworth Blvd. (92106)

Porter – North Campus (2-5)Year-Round School445 S. 47th St. (92113)
Porter – South Campus (K-1) Year-Round School 4800 T St. (92113)

Preuss School UCSD (6-12)9500 Gilman Dr., Mail Code 0536, La Jolla (92093-0536)
Revere Center6735 Gifford Way, Linda Vista (92111)

Riley (K-9 Spec. Ed.) Alternative School5650 Mt. Ackerly Dr. (92111)
Rodriguez (K-5)825 S. 31st St. (92113)

Rodriguez (Preschool)825 S. 31st Av (92113)
Rolando Park (K-5)6620 Marlowe Dr. (92115)

Rolando Park (Preschool)6620 Marlowe Dr (92115)
Roosevelt (6-8)3366 Park Blvd. (92103)

Rosa Parks (K-5)4510 Landis St. (92105)
Rosa Parks (Preschool)4510 Landis St (92105)

Ross (K-5)7470 Bagdad St. (92111)
Ross (Preschool)7470 Bagdad St (92111)

Rowan (K-5)1755 Rowan St. (92105)
Rowan (Preschool)1755 Rowan St (92105)

Salk (K-5) *Opening Sept. 8, 2015*7825 Flanders Dr. (92126)
Salomon Child Development Center1789 State St. (92101)

Houston Cooperative (K-8) Charter

7260 Linda Vista Rd. (92111)
Houston Cooperative Charter School 2 K-4 (K-8)3550 Logan Ave (92113)

Houston Early/Middle College (SDEMC)1425 Russ Blvd. Suite T-112D (92101)
Houston Global Vision Academy Elementary (K-5)3430 School Street (92116)

Houston Global Vision Academy Middle (6-8)3430 School Street (92116)
Houston High Educational Complex1405 Park Blvd. (92101)

Houston High School of Business and Leadership1405 Park Blvd. (92101)
Houston High School of International Studies1405 Park Blvd. (92101)

Houston High School of Media, Visual and Performing Arts1405 Park Blvd. (92101)
Houston High School of Science and Technology (SciTech)1405 Park Blvd. (92101)

Houston Metropolitan Regional & Technical (MET) – (9-12)7250 Mesa College Dr., Rm. K204 (92111)
Sandburg (K-5)11230 Avenida del Gato (92126)

Sandburg (Preschool)11230 Avenida del Gato (92126)

School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) (6-12)2425 Dusk Dr. (92139)
Scripps Mesa Conference Center10380 Spring Canyon Rd

Scripps Ranch10410 Treena St. (92131)
Sequoia (K-6)4690 Limerick Ave. (92117)

Serra5156 Santo Rd. (92124)
Sessions (K-5)2150 Beryl St. (92109)

Sherman (K-5)301 22nd St. (92102)
Sherman (Preschool)301 22nd St (92102)

Silver Gate (K-4)1499 Venice St. (92107)
Spreckels (K-5)6033 Stadium St. (92122)

Standley (6-8)6298 Radcliffe Dr. (92122)
Sunset View (K-4)4365 Hill St. (92107)

Supply Center / Warehouse2351 Cardinal Ln. (92123)
Taft (6-8)9191 Gramercy Dr. (92123)

Tierrasanta (K-5)5450 La Cuenta Dr. (92124)
Toler (K-5)3350 Baker St. (92117)

Torrey Pines (K-5)8350 Cliffridge Ave. (92037)
TRACE (12+)2555 Camino del Rio South, Suite 150 (92108)

Transportation Services4710 Cardin St. (92111)
Twain High (9-12)6402 Linda Vista Rd. (92111)

Twain Mesa Satellite10444 Reagan Rd. (92126)
University City6949 Genesee Ave. (92122)

Urban Discovery Academy (K-8)730 45th St. (92102)
Valencia Park (K-5)5880 Skyline Dr. (92114)

Valencia Park (Preschool)5880 Skyline Dr (92114)
Vista Grande (K-5)5606 Antigua Blvd. (92124)

Vista S.D. Residential Treatment Center

Special Program

3003 Armstrong St. (92111)

Walker Child Development Center9245 Hillery Dr. (92126)

Walker (K-5)9225 Hillery Dr. (92126)
Wangenheim (6-8)9230 Gold Coast Dr. (92126)

Washington (K-5)1789 State St. (92101)
Webster (K-6) Year-Round School Calendar4801 Elm St. (92102)

Webster (Preschool)4801 Elm St (92102)
Wegeforth3384 Glencolum Dr. (92123)

Wegeforth (K-5)3443 Ediwhar Ave. (92123)
Whitman (K-6)4050 Appleton St. (92117)

Whitman (Preschool)4050 Appleton St (92117)
Whittier School (K-12)3401 Clairemont Dr. (92117)

Whittier School (K-12) Administrative Site3401 Clairemont Dr. (92117)
Wilson (6-8) Year-Round School Calendar3838 Orange Ave. (92105)

Zamorano (K-5) Year-Round School Calendar2655 Casey St. (92139)

buzdorovip.ru Houston
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